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Charleston, SC / Hunting Island State Park (Beaufort, SC)

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There was a nasty accident from Durham to Charlotte, so it added an hour to the original two-hour drive. I arrived at my hosts' place in Charlotte, NC, at around 11:30. To be honest, it was a bit messy and the restroom was pretty nasty. That pretty much sums up my stay in Charlotte. I told my next host in Charleston, SC, that I would be there around 2-3:00PM, and since I woke up around 10, that didn't give me much time to venture downtown at all. OH WELL.

The good thing about leaving Charlotte early, is that it gave me MORE time to spend in Charleston. It was a gorgeous day. My next host gave me some great recommendations on where to walk, where to eat and where to get some sun. They also let me know that there was a Cooper River Bridge Run (10K) going on Saturday morning, and about 40,000 registered participants were expected to run, with another 10-20,000 unregistered walkers - so I was there at a good time apparently.

My host asked if I was a 'foodie', which then I told her that yes, indeed, I like food (I believe most people would say they're 'foodies' - who doesn't enjoy food?). Anywho, she told me some must-go places to try. So away I went to fill my belly... and walk around.


And then... the food. Husk restaurant was my first visit, and my favorite. Fried chicken that was AH-kickin'! That little dish to the right of the chicken was some local honey for dipping.


McCrady's was my second stop, where I ordered some fancy beef tartare. It was decent. This was the type of place where the waiter tells you about each particular ingredient, how it was made and where it was from. A bit too much for my taste, but a pretty dish nonetheless.


Last stop of the night was Slightly North of Broad (S.N.O.B.), where I ordered Shrimp n' grits, and a vegetable platter. The bartender immediately told me it was too much food for one sitting, so I said, "Ok... just shrimp n grits, and some grilled okra". About ten-seconds later, I figured I could handle the my original order, and told Mr. Bartender that I was going against his advice.


He shook my hand after I finished both plates.

The next day was spent working out, laying out on the beach, taking a mid-afternoon nap and visiting north King St. in the evening. The residential side-streets are charming both day and night. North King St. is the go-to place for twenty/thirty somethings to drink and frolic about.


The following day I was off, heading towards Savannah via US Route 17. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road and instead on the sides of the highway.


There was a road on the opposite side of the highway that I had to see. I backtracked about 4 miles just to see it, and it was so worth the time. It was a private road, so I didn't go much further than 20 feet past the entrance.


While filling up on gas, I decided to see what was around the area. My GPS suggested Hunting Island State Park, and a quick google search said it was one of the top things to see/do near Beaufort, SC. Done.

First stop, the visitor center. I asked the receptionist what I should do in the limited timeframe I had: she suggested climbing the lighthouse for a pretty 360 degree view and then taking a hike down to the edge of the island for sunset. After climbing the lighthouse, taking a few selfies and enjoying the view, I took a 3 mile hike to a secluded beach where I went nuts with more selfies*. I was the only person on the beach.

  • I scratched the hell out of my phone while jamming it between some driftwood on the beach, so please enjoy the pics :)


I nearly ran out of daylight during the hike back to my car, where I ran into a wandering raccoon and a family of 4 deer.

Next up, Savannah, GA. I just arrived this morning and the forecast for my stay is rainy and overcast. Poop.

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Raleigh / Durham, NC

It was toastie today!

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Before heading off to Raleigh the morning of April Fool's, I took a quick tour of Virginia Commonwealth Universities campus and nearby Maymont park. It was a brisk morning turned moderate afternoon, and was able to catch me some cherry blossom action.


Afterwards, a two-hour drive to North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA). It definitely sits at the top of my list for museums! The white walled, minimalist architecture was refreshing. They also had a pretty big outdoor park with quite a few outdoor art pieces. It was a beautiful day, so bikers, runners, teenie-bopper couples and moms with strollers were in full force.


I LOVED this painting.

Dat booty!

CAM00690-1.jpgCAM00691.jpgIMG_20140401_153935.jpg CAM00672.jpg

Apparently, Google did a virtual scan of the NCMA, so it'll be the first museum that you can use view virtually (think google street view).

I was spent at the end of the day and finally headed towards my new hosts. They were a sweet couple, often reminiscing their younger days as hippies. They offered three different ice creams for dessert: cookies 'n cream, black cherry and coffee, topped with dry roasted peanuts and chocolate syrup.


After a cup of chamomile tea and a much needed shower, it was mimis time, which leads to one of the trips highlights - the closet bed!


Yes. I slept in a closet.

The following morning, I visited the Alexander YMCA, told them I was new to the area and was curious if I could 'try' out the gym. Pump iron, I did. Shower n shaved, I did. Now what? It was around 12:30 and I didn't feel like heading off to my next destination (Charlotte, NC).

I remember viewing on Duke University's website that it was Lemur Week. Why Lemur week? Ooooh, because, Duke has a Lemur Center which is the "...largest sanctuary for prosimian primates in the world." Decision made.

I set my GPS to the Lemur Center and in 30 minutes I was there. On arrival, the receptionist (and later I learned, tour guide), informed me that tours are only by appointment. DOH! Lucky me, she could squeeze me in at 2:30, at which I had one hour to kill till then. She pointed me over to Nosh just around the corner, and Nosh I did.


I didn't take any pictures at the Lemur Center, but was able to see these guys up close and personal. They're called aye ayes, and they have a middle finger that can rotate as fluid as a person's shoulder, so don't cut them off on the freeway. Aye ayes are nocturnal, so we had to view them in their indoor environment with red-lights on.


After a lackluster visit to Durham's 'downtown', I'm now here at Nosh a second time. The traffic to Charlotte is heinous, so I'll wait it out for a bit. Till next time!


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Richmond, VA

D.C. to Richmond

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Farewell D.C., you will be missed!

Till next time Hotel Ingomar and curious tenants (missing Fugicat and The Bennster).


Richmond. The land of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) students and yoga pants. I'm not mad.

Had a pleasant stay with my airbnb host, who was very accommodating. Checked out Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on a beautiful day (mid-70s, twas glorious) and had some delicious Cuban food at Kuba Kuba.

In no particular order: LSD inspired mural, confederate memorial chapel, African dress (I want one), scary man-child painting, ancient Chinese guardian, and Tiffany's lamps.

Next up, Raleigh, NC!


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My first post!

Getting ready for the big trip.

snow 35 °F

It's my last night in D.C. and we're getting some unexpected snow! Hopefully it clears up by tomorrow.

Richmond, VA, here I come!

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